Massari Beard Oil – Oud

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المنتج المثالي للعناية بالرجل الكلاسيكي العصري. مصنوع باستخدام أحد أغلى مكونات العطور، ويتميز برائحة المسك مع نغمات ترابية. كما يحتوي على نفحات عطرية من الجلد والزعفران والورد وخشب الأرز مما يمنح لحيتك رائحة فريدة. بالإضافة إلى الرائحة الفاخرة التي يمنحها لك، فإنه يحتوي على أجود المكونات التي تحافظ على تشذيب لحيتك وترطيبها طوال اليوم. كن أكثر ثقة مع زيت اللحية برائحة العود من مساري! من العود من أجود المكونات التي ستحافظ على لحيتك صحية وناعمة ورطبة طوال اليوم.

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The perfect grooming product for the classic, modern man! Made with one of the most expensive raw-scent ingredients in the world, the Oud beard oil from Massari has a strong and full-bodied musky aroma with intense earthy undertones. The pleasantly complex scent includes fragrant notes of leather, saffron, rose and cedar which gives your beard a unique and intoxicating scent. The Oud beard oil is formulated with the finest ingredients that will keep your beard soft, strong, and hydrated throughout the day. Enhance your confidence with our traditional Oud beard oil which not only promotes beard growth but keeps your hair healthy and gives it a luxurious shine as well!

30 ml.

How to use Maasari argan oil on beard and mustache?

Put a few drops of the oil on the palm of your hand, rub it gently and apply it to your beard hair or mustache. Use your fingertips to massage the oil into the skin under the beard and mustache.

Benefits of Massari Argan Oil for beard and mustache:
  1. Reduces itching
  2. Protects the beard and mustache from dandruff
  3. Holds the hair of the beard and mustache and protects it from frizz
  4. Get hair with a natural and healthy shine
  5. Extra moisture for the skin underneath the beard and mustache

Advantages of Massari Argan Oil

Made with 100% organic argan oil ؜

Paraben free

Not tested on animals

Does not cause irritation

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